Beacon Hill Addition

Seattle, WA

The transformation of a rustic one-story residence to this modern home was made possible by the clients’ commitment to pare the existing structure down to it’s core and then adding a complementary but dramatic two-story structure that provides an unimpeded connection to the south yard.

The public living areas of the house are connected in an open, flowing manner. The spare materials and form reinforce the restrained nature of the project. The new dining and kitchen areas are flooded by light from the large sliding doors to the south and west. This light then illuminates the adjacent living area.

Being situated on a one-third acre, in-city lot allowed for the opportunity to locate the addition in the ideal position to take advantage of the views of the Cascade Mountains and Lake Washington to the east, optimal solar orientation to the south and southwest, and the direct access to the planned organic vegetable gardens that will occupy the south third of the site.

The project, when completed, will enjoy the benefits of having a Built Green Four-Star certification. This rating is achieved as a result of the incorporation of energy efficient construction and systems(added insulation/heat recovery ventilation system), sustainable materials and construction practices(fsc certified framing lumber/advanced framing/reuse of salvage materials), and healthy products and methods(non- and low-voc finishes/permeable air barriers and rainscreen wall systems/roof garden.) The general contractor has been instrumental in promoting and managing the Built Green certification process.