Capitol Hill Residence

This neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle has a distinct mature quality with tree lined streets and some of the finest older homes in the City. The challenge of designing a new modern home in this context was how to complement the traditional craftsman detail of the neighborhood while creating a design that has a distinct modern quality with simple lines and generous openings to let in ample natural light in the shaded setting. The design uses dark stained wood as the primary cladding material in a variety of textures with black aluminum clad windows, creating a reserved and understated appearance to the street. The use of wood textures carries through to the interior where a wood screen divides the primary living spaces on the main floor. A large central skylight space encloses the main stairway, light is brought in from above as well as from clerestory windows giving the space a dynamic quality throughout the day and providing the center of the house with generous light. The character of the interior contrasts with the outside with it simple palate of whites and neutrals and light colored wood. This creates the bright quality that the client’s desired. The house was designed to utilize the existing basement left from a previous home on the site as the primary foundation system saving the costs of demolition and re-structuring the base of the home.

Team     Chris Serra, Valerie Wersinger BjarkoSerra Architects