Seattle, WA

Seattle has recently expanded the area in single-family zones where detached accessory dwelling units (DADU) can be built. This change opens opportunities for property owners to generate supplemental income, accommodate extended family, or add a guest suite or studio space, all without modifying the existing house.

This prototype design reflects our response to this new opportunity. It is intended to have many sustainable features and meet 5 star Built Green requirements. It can also be modified and enlarged to function as an efficient single family home as well. The design is also one of the winners of the 2010 AIA Future Shack competition.

“It is really a prototypical project for accessory dwellings; a simple form but an interesting form with a butterfly roof. Maximizing space is a really great characteristic of this project: It has a really small bathroom; the way it opens to the decks; it has a large transparent wall. It’s a very simple, direct, but light filled house with great volume. It’s a terrific example for others to build off of and emulate.” – AIA Jury

Press + Awards

Team     Chris Serra, Valerie Wersinger BjarkoSerra Architects