Sunset Hill

The west side of Sunset Hill offers great south and west light as well as views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. The opportunity to design a new home on this great site offers many challenges and rewards. The house is intended to be an affordable custom modern home uniquely tailored to the setting and the client’s live-work program. It is designed as a reverse floor plan with the main living spaces above to capture the dramatic views to the west. A wrap around deck on the first floor offers space to enjoy the yard from the work studios and entry. With 2 bedrooms and 2 work studios plus a generous living/entertaining space, the 2100 s.f. floor plan has to be very efficient to fit within the tight budget. Emphasis is being placed on simplicity of detailing, durable materials, and sustainable provisions for future solar electricity, solar water heat, and water conservation. The project is expected to earn a 4 star Built Green Rating.

Team     Chris Serra, Valerie Wersinger BjarkoSerra Architects